Seat Bag Comparison

I’ve just received a new seat bag from Eric at Revelate Designs. I’ve been using a bag from Jeff at Carousel Design Works and it’s great, but it doesn’t work well with the Thudbuster Seatpost. Eric’s design allows you to use the bag with the Thudbuster Seatpost or without, it’s also slightly larger. Since I’m hoping to minimize the amount of gear that I carry in my backpack this was a bonus.

First off, both bags are awesome. They are similar yet different. They both attach to the seat rails in a similar fashion. Quick release buckles fit over the seat rails and connect to the buckles that keep the bottom of the nice and tight. They both have velcro straps that fit around the seat post, the major difference being that the Revelate Designs bag strap is lower. This is to accommodate the shape of the Thudbuster. That’s it, no racks, no bolts, nothing. Lightweight is name of the game with both of these bag makers.

In this picture is the Carousel Design Works Escape Pod. This is the medium which has a capacity of 6-9 liters. Inside I have my tarp and my rain jacket just to fill it out slightly. Just between these two items the bag is filled out. It’s not full, by any means, but you can clearly see the shape of the bag. This bag has a bungee cord on the underside of the bag that you could use for a jacket maybe, but on my bike there’s not enough clearance to use it. Drawback of a small bike frame, not the bag.

In this picture is the Revelate Designs Viscacha bag. It has a capacity of 6-14 liters. In order to get the bag to fill out I had to add my sleeping pad to my tarp and jacket. It’s hard to tell, but the bag is still not stretched out. There is a lot more room in this bag. This bag has a pocket on the top which is better for me because of my frame size.

Here is picture looking down inside the bag. I have my tarp in there just to get a sense of depth. A nice extra touch is an internal strap to keep your stuff secure.

I’m looking forward to being able to do a shakedown ride with this bag and see how everything fits together. Both bags are great, with the main difference being size. First impression is that if I’m just doing an overnighter I’d use the CDW bag, but if I had something longer planned I’d use the Revelate Designs bag. I just have to keep in mind that just because I have the ability to carry more, I still need to work on carrying less.

  • I have both also–and also like each one

    I see your Revelate bag also has my ‘Spot pocket’ — it worked well for my TDR, I could turn off the Spot each night/camp without the need to unpack it and with the blinking LED’s behind me, they did not bug me at night while riding

    • Yep, I saw it on Joe Meiser’s bag, who, I think, saw it on your bag!

  • Great advice … I just have to keep in mind that just because I have the ability to carry more, I still need to work on carrying less.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for reading this old thread Mark. I’ve been on many trips since this post and carrying less is still a goal. It’s neverending.

  • threepinhed

    Help me out. When I go to the web site for Carousel Design Works there is nothing there. Is this company still in business in 2015?

    • Area45

      No. I don’t think he’s making bags anymore. Your best bets are Revelate or Porcelain Rocket.