A Year Ago This Weekend . . .

Today is a blast from the past. This time last year I rode my very first brevet. For me it was an amazing accomplishment. Before completing this ride I thought that riding distances of over 100 miles was not only crazy, but nearly impossible. A year later and not only do I know this not to be true, but that I’m capable of much greater things.

This Saturday I’ll be riding this brevet for the second time. I’m pretty excited to see how different it will be. I’m more experienced, smarter and stronger as a cyclist. I’ll be riding this brevet with a different mindset. Hopefully, I’ll be finishing sooner too.

So for any new readers I thought I’d just link to the brevet that started it all last year. The Santa Barbara 300k.

  • Looking forward to seeing how you do compared to last year! I remember reading last year’s thinking, I could probably ride with this guy. 🙂

    • We still need to make that happen Eric!