The Santa Barbara 300k-2nd Time Around

It’s been almost a week since I’ve posted here. Damn. I came down with the flu and have been at home for five straight days. I know I caught it from someone at work last week. I don’t get people that go to work sick like this. Dirtbag move.

Anyways, the last active thing I did was ride the Santa Barbara 300k. Bruce and I drove up on Friday night so we’d be able to get more sleep. It ended up being a great idea as we had time to spare and I felt well rested. That was the last time I would feel that way.

I rode most of the ride by myself. I really tried to monitor my effort but I did start out a little to fast. I ended up covering the first 100k in 4 hours and 20 mins. That was a pretty good pace for me. It also helped that there was only one quick control in the first 60 miles. I had a quick lunch in Santa Barbara and got back out on the road. Alone again until just before Ventura, where I was caught by Ron, Linda, and Foster and Janine(sp?) on their tandem. We eventually caught up to Jim as well and we rode together all the way to the turnaround point in Trancas.

On the way out of Trancas I was no longer able to hold on to the group so I just rode at my own pace. Jim rode with me for most of the way back. We stopped at the base of the final climb for a quick rest and a snack. I felt better than I thought I would climbing Santa Rosa and made it up the hill with no problems.

I ended up with a finishing time of 14:33. My goal was 15 hours so I was stoked to beat it by so much. Not only that, but that’s over 3 hours faster than last year! Looking at my splits I covered each 100k leg in about the same time. The difference being that the 2nd and 3rd legs had the lunch and dinner control, so overall the times were longer for those legs.

My only regret on this ride was not taking more pictures. I was focused on my pacing and I haven’t had much luck using the LX3 while on the bike. Hopefully I’ll feel better by the weekend and I can get back on the bike. Next up, the 400k in March!

Here are the Garmin Stats.

  • Way to go, man, that’s a hell of a ride, and you way overreached your goals.

  • Kathy T

    Great job, Errin! You did really well… Sorry to hear you got so sick… We’ll see you at the 400….

  • Great job Errin. Sorry yoh got sick. Maybe something ti will make you feel better…..should have my mitts on your frame early next week!

    Get well my friend.

    • Thanks Gnat. More importantly though, when will I have MY mitts on the frame? 🙂