The Sights and Smells of LA #TwowheelTuesday!

Felt so good to be back out on the bike today. After more than seven days off it was kind of a chore to get all my gear together, charge up the batteries for the lights and get the bike ready. Once I was rolling though it was all worth it. I remembered what I love about riding through the city. Dodging cars, timing the lights and swerving around potholes.

I played with the camera, but I guess I’ve gotten rusty on that too. I messed up a few exposures and I still can’t figure out where to carry the camera. I think a longer strap would be better. Gnat, any thoughts? Where do you carry your LX5?

I kept the effort low for my ride in but I still had a couple coughing fits and I seemed to be sweating quite a bit more. It was so nice to be out in the fresh air though instead of sitting in the truck. The smell of some fresh cut grass and the unexpected scent of fresh piss under the 5 Freeway. I sure missed you L.A. Thanks for pulling out all the stops today.