Playing with Light, or the lack of.

I took a lot of pics yesterday. Some on the way in to work and some on the way home. On the way home it was dark so I adjusted the ISO and decided to start clicking away. I adjusted my Dinotte light closer so it would light up the frame. I ended up with some pretty grainy, but good shots.

  • Can you control the output and timing of your flash? If so, try to have it put out a super minimal pop (er, light output) on rear shutter sync. Also known as “drag shutter”. It’s one of my favorite little techniques for capturing light and motion in low light.

    • Yeah, I can. I’ll try that the next time. Thanks Erik.

  • What fun! Great shots, I like the look of them a lot.

    • It made the commute home much more fun that’s for sure. Normally I would’ve kept the camera in my pocket for the whole ride home.