Lookin’ Up!

There are many times riding in to work that I look up and I’m mesmerized by all the things above our heads. Most of the time I just think to myself “that looks cool” and then I pedal on. Lately I’ve been stopping to smell the roses. There’s something appealing to me about all that junk up there.

This pole is in front of a bike shop. Someone has started throwing the tires up onto the pole. It’s like an urban christmas tree.

  • I’ve noticed lately that there are parrots on my commute (in Beverly Hills). I can’t always see them way up in the highest palm trees, but they are certainly audible (loud!).

    • Yeah, we’ve got those in the San Gabriel Valley too. They come and take over the trees by our house and they are loud! They’re aggressive too, attacking other birds in the trees. They are the skinhead gangs of the bird world.