What a weekend!

After limping through a full week of work and the lingering effects of the flu, I was really looking forward to the weekend. To start it off I had the opportunity to meet with Jeff Castelaz on Friday evening. Jeff is the CEO of Dangerbird Records and also the founder of the The Pablove Foundation. Months ago my friend Erik from 1Gear1Cause.org had laid the ground work for Jeff and I to meet. Friday night it all paid off.

We started off talking about bikes, the Tour Divide, and cycling in general. Eventually the conversation shifted to cycling for a cause. I wanted to pick Jeff’s brain about how to go about raising awareness for a cause. In our case it’s for PSCpartners.org, which is what Serbrina suffers from. People like Lance Armstrong, Jeff and Erik are doing amazing things for Cancer, but we would like to work towards a cause that affects us directly. Jeff gave me some great ideas and I’m really excited to move forward with some of the ideas. My goal is that every time that I turn the pedals over that someone learns about our cause or does something positive for their cause. There is much to do, but I’ll keep you updated as things get ready.

Saturday morning Serbrina and I drove up to Ventura for the day. She had never been up there so we planned to walk around and check things out. We hung out on the pier for a bit enjoying some taffey and splitting a Sprecher Orange Dream Soda. (Check out the Siren bike named after Sprecher here.) We then made our way down the coast along the 1.

We ended up at Topanga Creek Bicycles, where we spotted not one but two of the new Salsa Spearfish FS bike. Damn that bike is sweet. Luckily for me they only had a Medium and a Large. Serbrina wasn’t too impressed with it anyways, I think she still prefers the Mukluk for me. Right Serbrina? We did get to confirm the wheel build and a couple more parts for the new frame. Hopefully it will arrive in a couple weeks to the shop and the parts will get swapped over. I’m starting to get really excited for it. So close yet so far(go).

After TCB we went to Tony’s Darts Away to try it out. We’ve been hearing about it for quite a while from some of the more respected cycling twitterers here in LA. (@jonthelam, @graphicdeziner) It is a bar, but we split another orange cream soda and tried the sandwiches. It was pretty good, but it is a hipster central for sure. There was a guy in tights, not cycling tights, but like tights from a ballet. Too much.

To cap out the night we went to see Hellride. Mike Watt, Stephen Perkins and Wayne Kramer playing Stooges songs! It was amazing to see all these guys together. Watt and Perkins wailed on every song and Kramer added something new to every song. I’ve seen Hellride many times with Peter DiStefano and this one had a different vibe. We didn’t get home until 2am and we were wore out. I guess we weren’t ready for all of that excitement. Luckily we had Sunday to sleep it off.

  • Charlie Lotte

    Wow! Thanks for the report. What an interesting and varied weekend! My Saturday included Ventura and was interesting as well but consisted of only one activity – the Big Dipper 200k permanent. Wishing you the best on your fund-raising activities.

  • No beerz at Tony’s Darts Away? Yeah, the place is filled with hipsters. Great B&W photos.