Catalina Island Zip Line!

My pops turned 60 years old this weekend. Man he’s old. To celebrate the occasion, Serbrina and I took him to Catalina Island to ride the Zip Line. He’s been wanting to go on a zip line for about 2 years now. Good thing he’s patient.

Serbrina had never been to Catalina Island and is already prone to motion sickness. When we got on the boat the captain told us that the sea was pretty choppy. Boy was he right, as it didn’t take long for most of the passengers to get sea-sick. It was like that scene in Stand By Me where everyone is puking. I usually don’t get motion sickness, but even I couldn’t wait for calmer seas. By the time we got to the island we were wore out, and our day had only just begun!

We were able to get some breakfast and then started making our way towards the Zip Line area. The rain that was forecast had not shown up yet and we were enjoying blue skies and cool temps. We checked out the sights, including the locals.

Hehe, the “Gay” Nineties. I’ll laugh at anything.

We eventually made our way to the Zip Line and proceeded to check in, get weighed in and get suited up! After a short safety lesson we took a bus ride up to the top. This road was the same one that Bruce and I climbed on our Bikepacking Trip. It’s really steep and my Pops seemed impressed with our climbing abilities.

Once at the top it becomes clear just what the hell we are in for. The first line is only about 500 feet long, an appetizer if you will. The second one is over twice that distance. About 10 seconds or so of gliding along a steel wire and suspended in a harness. Epic? Maybe not by Rapha standards, but a thrill for sure.

I shot some video with the GoProHD camera of my Pops doing the zip line. This gives you a good idea of the speed that you carry across the lines.

Once we finished the zip line, as if on cue, the rain started up again. We were so lucky and we couldn’t have timed it better. We walked back to Avalon and holed up in a small coffee shop. The drink of choice was green tea. Perfect.

It wasn’t long before the skies cleared and the tea was finished. We made our way back to the dock for the return boat ride home. Luckily it was uneventful and the sea had smoothed out. I passed out as soon as we made our way out of the dock, only to awaken just before arriving.

We all had a great day and I’m glad that I got to do the zip line with my Pops. He’s truly a great man, someone to look up to. I hope that when I grow up I’m half the man that he is. Happy Birthday Pops!

  • Because of your video, I booked a reservation in April for my 7th anniversary with the girlfriend. I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing.