Ray Jardine Quilt Project Starts

After finishing my Ray Jardine Tarp kit, I set my sights on making a Ray Jardine Quilt. According to Ray Jardine, a tarp and a quilt work together, like a sleeping bag and a bivy sack. I’m excited to give it a try and see if I like it or not. Before that though, I’ve got to build it.

To start, the I cut the panels out from the SilNylon material and from the insulation. The panels are then cut again to create a rounded top and sewn together. It’s so big that it’s been hard to photograph.

Next step was to cut the darts on the insulation pieces and then sew them together. The darts are sewn by hand, which was tedious, but pretty straightforward.

The pieces are now stacked together and for the first time the quilt starts to take shape. The footbox is tapered and the edges are rounded. Next up, making the draft stopper and sewing it all together!