A Day At The Range

One more has fallen. Jon is getting married next weekend, so we all got together for his final bit of freedom. This wasn’t going to be a traditional bachelor party. A fishing trip and camping trip were tossed around, but the scheduling just didn’t work out. So when I heard the plan was to go to a shooting range, I was a little nervous. I didn’t grow up around guns, but I wasn’t going to miss it for anything.

We had an instructor that helped explain everything and calmed my nerves. I’ll admit it though, I was shaking while I loaded the first few shells. After a while though I got the hang of it. The second round I felt pretty good and hit most of the clay targets. I was actually kinda surprised with myself. I wonder if I could mount a shotgun to the side of the Fargo?

Jon gettin’ one.

Me gettin’ one.

  • I’ve never shot anything other than a BB or pellet gun. Looks like fun!