Popped my Cherry. The Right Hook!

What a weird day. After some special birthday cupcakes I got to leave work a little early. I contemplated a longer route, but opted to just head home to Serbrina. Riding through Silver Lake I passed Scott on a green Surly Long Haul Trucker. I was on the Kogswell and we both complimented each other on the bikes. We stopped and chatted for a while about bikes and trips. It was nice geeking out with another rider into the same type of bikes as me. After some time I realized I had to get moving. Scott’s last words to me were “Keep the rubber side down!”. Good advice.

Not three minutes later I was on the brakes trying to avoid a crash. Rear wheel locked up and a car right in my path. Bang! Tasting pavement. A bloody elbow is the proof. I quickly righted myself and kept an eye on the car. Luckily he was turning around and coming back. I had two witnesses that gave me their info just in case. We exchanged info and I was back on my way. Albeit a little slower.

Weird feeling jumping back into traffic. I thought back to my motorcycle crash and the hesitation I have about riding the moto. I didn’t want that to happen so the only thing to do was to get right back on that horse.

A slow pedal through Echo Park and I spot another Kogswell on the sidewalk. It’s my friend PoWen that I met at REI months back. More geeking out about our Kogswell assemblies and my crash is starting to fade away. Before I know it I’m one with the traffic again and everything is back to normal. Well, as long as I don’t bend my elbow it is.

  • Man. Sorry to hear about your wreck. I’m really glad that the driver stopped. Too often, they don’t. Hope your elbow heals well … you may find more injuries than you realized later … hopefully not though. Oh, happy birthday!