Pluckin’, Pedalin’ and Paddlin’

This is a post that I’ve been sitting on for a week or so. I’ve been waiting to get the video uploaded so now I guess it’s time to share it.

I’ve shared before that every now and then Serbrina has to get a blood transfusion. It was time for her to go in again, so we made plans on how to get her home. Just like before, I was able to make something good out of something not so fun.

Talkin’ bout the ride to work and San Dimas. from Errin Vasquez on Vimeo.

My punk rock hero Mike Watt was playing at The Echo later this evening. I was really looking forward to seeing Watt and his band perform his new album, but it was going to be tough. I had to ride home, feed the dogs, walk them and then ride out to San Dimas and meet Serbrina with the truck. I was stuck at work longer than I expected, of course, but that ended up working in my favor. The Echo is on my route and right as I rode by the man himself was outside! Grabbed a handful of brakes, jumped the curb and snapped a pic with Watt! The Man in the Van with a Bass in his Hand.

This night was his second gig of the tour. It’s something like 48 gigs in 49 days. Amazing. 54 years old and still touring the same way he did with the Minutemen. Driving the Econoline from city to city. Truly DIY.

Watt rides a bike on a regular basis around his hometown of San Pedro so he was checking out the Kogswell. He seemed to dig it, which was really cool. We chatted and I told him that I had a good ride ahead of me. I told him that Serbrina was in the hospital and that I was going to try and make it back in time. With that I was off and racing. I made it home in no time. Took care of the dogs and raced out to San Dimas. I seemed to have some extra motivation for the ride that night.

I got there at about 8:30pm just in time to get Serbrina. She was ready to leave after spending a long day at the hospital. She’s a trooper, having to go through this on a constant basis. She really is “tough as nails”.

I got her home, cleaned myself up and raced back to The Echo. This time by car though. I walked into the club right as they were starting the set. Damn, that was close! The gig was awesome. The new album is amazing. Raul and Tom nailed it and Norton Wisdom was doing live painting through the entire set. To top it off Minutemen songs for the encore!

I spoke to Watt after the gig and he told me stories about D. Boon and the making of “Double Nickels On The Dime”. Most importantly though, he asked how Serbrina was, and if she was ok. That was so awesome that he remembered.

Taking care of Serbrina was the most important thing of the day, but being able to spiel with a hero was pretty awesome. Stoked it worked out the way it did.

  • Heck yea! Sounds like a day well spent. I appreciate the way you keep squeezing out that lemonade. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait for Watt to wind his way back to (Nor) Cali!

  • William

    Thanks for the post and update, musta’ been a great gig – be well Sabrina!, that a wonderful grin- givin’ you love and strength from Sweden. We are everywhere…