A Dry Ride! It’s About Time!

Seems like the last few weeks have been wet. And even though I’m fine with riding in the rain, I’m starting to get tired of it! I mean come on, this isn’t Portland is it? Is it? I woke up at 6am to rain again, damn. So I checked the weather forecast and the rain was predicted to stop around 9am. Perfect, I’m going back to bed.

I have to admit that it was a gamble. If I go back to bed, would I be able to get up? Sometimes it’s just so easy to sleep in. I knew that I had to ride though. Everytime I skip a workout the only person that suffers is me. Things are getting more serious now. Intervals are getting harder, so skipping is not an option. Time to ride!

The weather ended up being great. All that was needed was a vest, jersey and leg warmers. As I was riding I couldn’t help but think about my friends back east. Eric and Jason’s climate is slowly warming, but not soon enough. Look guys! Bare arms!

What a great sunday ride. Hope this weather trend keeps going this way.

  • Bare arms?! Jerk