Gettin’ Wabi Sabi’d or Salsa Fargos Unite!

This week we did something new. We opened our home to a traveling cyclist. I’ve always wanted to do this, but it’s never worked out. This time though, everything lined up perfectly.

I found Glenn’s website ( last year while doing what I do best. Looking at Salsa Fargos online. Just what is it about this particular bike that brings people together? I’ve been lucky to meet some amazing people over the last year all because of a shared love of this bike. Those guys at Salsa are really onto something.

Earlier this year Glenn set out on the Adventure Cycling Associations Southern Tier Route. I’ve been following his travels online through his blog and twitter. We’ve communicated many times discussing bikes and gear as he traveled west. Three months later he was in Los Angeles and we were meeting for the first time.

We met up in Downtown LA at Olvera Street after I got off work. After a quick chat and some pics we headed towards home about six miles away. Once there we had a great bike geek fest. Serbrina wasn’t home yet so there was no one to stop us! Comparing bikes, all types of gear questions and ultralight versus trailer. Glenn is towing a BOB trailer with all his supplies. My bike is setup very minimal so it was interesting to see the two different approaches.

We walked around the corner to chow on some mexican food. Serbrina and I had so many questions. How? Why? For how long? Glenn was kind enough to put up with our game of twenty questions. I don’t think we asked anything original so I’m sure the answers come pretty easily. A couple years ago we were lucky enough to meet Russ and Laura before their trip began. This time it was interesting to hear the point of view of a someone that has a few months of traveling behind them. After dinner we walked back and chatted some more. Before long though, we were wore out! I could tell Glenn was tired and I was ready to konk too so we called it a night.

Then next morning I went outside to walk the dogs. Glenn was already up with his coffee brewed and ready to roll! We were able to chat some more before we had to head out. The plan was to ride into work and give Glenn a quick tour of the Paramount Lot.

The ride in was pretty uneventful until we happened upon @PabloveJeff in Silverlake. I had meant to email Jeff about meeting Glenn while he was in town, but never got around to it. What luck to run into him! Jeff had ridden the same ACA Southern Tier Route so they instantly had a common bond. I was really stoked that they got to meet each other.

Once at Paramount we got to visit the inside of a couple sound stages and I introduced Glenn to Bruce, where another bike geek fest erupted. I love bike geek fests! Bruce helped to give Glenn a bike friendly way to get back out to the coast where he will begin the ride north. The next leg of his journey will take him up the coast and eventually to Vancouver. Amazing. I wish I could’ve joined him for at least one night. My only regret is that we didn’t take any pictures with each other. I guess I was just having so much fun that I forgot. Damn.

Thanks for enriching our lives Glenn! I hope the wind is always at your back!

  • Kelly

    Errin–thanks for extending such great hospitality to my brother Glenn…he is an amazing man and I’m so glad that you got the opportunity to meet him. Our family misses him terribly, but we are eternally grateful to those like you who have extended the hand of friendship and commraderie along his exciting journey around the country.

    Thank you and godspeed in your cycling adventures too!