Thinking of Jim

Today we are laying to rest fellow cyclist Jim Swarzman. Jim was struck and killed by a car this past weekend while riding a brevet through Leucadia, near San Diego. While I only met Jim in person a couple of times, we spoke via the rando email groups and Facebook. I actually learned quite a bit about Jim from his fianceĆ© Nicole. Jim and Nicole put on the Malibu Coastal Cruise 200k back in November. While we pedaled she shared many stories about Jim, who was in the lead pack on his mountain bike! He was very supportive of every cyclist and I too benefitted from his cheering on. Jim was interested in laying out some mixed terrain brevets and we shared that interest. Chris Kostman put together a great list of Jim’s cycling achievments on the Rough Riders Blog.

Jim in orange vest.

Jim (center) in his Rough Riders jersey and me right behind him. (Picture from the Rough Riders Blog.)

I’m saddened by this tragic event and for his fianceĆ© Nicole. It looks as if they’ve found the driver that was responsible, but I’m not really sure it matters. Jim is gone, but not forgotten. I’m going to ride the Mt. Laguna Bicycle Classic with knobbies this weekend. I think Jim would’ve liked that.

RIP Jim.

  • Charlie Lotte

    Nice, Errin. I never had the opportunity to meet Jim but I had the luck to ride with Nicole a couple of weeks ago. I was doing a 200k Permanent and went through Ventura. A woman cyclist and I got stuck by a couple of successive red lights and started chatting. Turned out her name was Nicole and, realizing I was behind on time, she offered to “pull” me for about a dozen miles. I accepted gratefully. On the way she told me she and her boyfriend, Jim, had just closed escrow on a house and were getting married in August. What a terrible shock when I heard the news and realized who it was. I estimated the crowd at the Mt. Sinai chapel today at something over 500. Thank you for writing your memories of him.

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