Shakedown Time

This weekend I’m heading up to Carmel to join my friend Erik for a 3 day loop. This will be a proper shakedown of my bikepacking setup, hopefully. The plan is to ride south from Carmel on a route that Erik has laid out. 230 miles with somewhere around 20k of climbing. This will give you an idea.

I loaded up my bike and backpack last night and weighed everything. Not counting water, and a couple things I forgot, the bike weighed in a 38lbs. 38lbs is what my bike weighed for the Mt. Laguna Bicycle Classic, so that’s great! The backpack weighed in at 5lbs. I’ve got my sleeping bag in the backpack, but I may trade that out with something in the seatbag. I think I could go lighter still. Smaller first aid kit, less wipes, etc. Little things like that can add up to a pound really quick. That’s what this weekend is all about. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

I’ll have the SPOT tracking if you want to follow along. We leave tomorrow morning. Have a great weekend!

  • Steve J.

    Be ready for wet.

    • Yeah, looks like there may be some rain on Saturday. I’m prepared for everything! I hope so anyways.


    Have Fun Son and be careful.
    plus take plenty of photos

  • Bill Meadows

    awesome!!!! cant wait to hear about it!

  • Watching Errin closely via his spot. Comparing his trek with his intended route. I wondered what they might be thinking as they headed further south than they intended. Now it looks like they caught their mistake. Oh dear, it cost them an hour and a half. Only a couple hours of daylight remain.