Revelate Designs Frame Bag

After much anticipation it’s here! My new frame bag for the Salsa Fargo Ti!


You can see how much smaller the new frame triangles are. The extra bend in the Ti frames don’t help either. However, Eric at Revelate Designs added a slight flare to the front of the bag to increase the interior space.



I’ve been able to pack the same amount of gear into the smaller bag so I’m pretty stoked! Now to get some real world testing done!


  • Sweet setup! The Ti Fargo seems like a real dream bike.

  • Charlie Lotte

    This is turning into quite a story. Thrill of victory, agony of defeat. You seemed real bummed when you realized how small the bag was to fit in the new frame. Now you’ve found a work-around and are stoked. Like they say – it’s all about the journey.

  • mmeiser

    jealous 🙂