More To Do

The other day my friend Erik mentioned making a to do list. It’s such a great idea. The problem is when your list is so long that the list itself scares you! So much to do, so little time!


BTW-We’re off to a great start on the fundraising! Only a week in and we’ve raised over $3500. Let’s keep this going. Please help spread the word to all your friends and families.


  • Fix hub wiring?!?!? That sounds ominous!

  • Anonymous

    Nah, it’s not too bad. I noticed that one of the wires has a break in the outer covering, exposing the wire. Too much of a bend I think. So I think it’s best to connect all 4 wires together so that there’s only 1 connection on the hub. Right now there’s 2 connections. It works fine, but it can be better, more foolproof I think.