A Year’s Worth of Training.

This weekend I went back, thirteen months later, to get my lactate testing done again. Just over a year ago I started working with Nate Loyal to become a better/stronger cyclist. With Nate’s help I’ve improved a ton. Both in endurance and power, but even more so, in confidence. Since July of last year he’s been helping me work towards my goal of riding the Tour Divide. In two weeks time all that training will be put to good use as I pedal from Canada to Mexico. Without his help, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I was really anxious to get the testing done again. To see how much of an improvement I’ve made over the course of a year. A year ago, I had no idea of what lay ahead. I was only looking to improve my brevet times, not ride across the US! However, training smarter has paid off. My brevet times are up this year, and my endurance has improved.

The red line is last year, and the black line is this year. Lower numbers are better here and that means that I’m working more efficiently. I’m also putting out more power, but I don’t really feel that. I guess that has to do with riding heavy bikes all the time. Maybe it’s time for carbon?

  • Apertome

    Man, I can’t believe how soon you’ll be going. Can’t wait to read about your trip!

    • Anonymous

      I’m right there with you. Only about a week left of riding here in LA!

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