Tour Divide Snow Levels

This year the snow pack along the route that the Tour Divide follows is bad. Really bad. There are rumblings on the internet of re-routes around some of the worst sections. Some sections are easy to get around, while others prove more challenging. To get an idea of the snow levels, Dave from 2 posted some screen grabs of the route.

Here’s a sample of the route. This is the section through the Flathead and then Whitefish area. Red is tons of snow!

This brings up the question of how to approach this year’s Tour Divide. Some of the vets are already looking at postponing their start. Trying to give the snow more time to melt. However, even after the snow melts, you still have to worry about mud and swollen streams/rivers. This may just be a bad year for the Tour Divide. At least for me.

I’m going to stick to my planned start date. I’ve already got the flight/room/hotel booked. I can’t really postpone it anyways as I have to be back by a specific date. This may mean that I won’t be able to ride the Tour Divide proper. Kind of a bummer. Really it only means that my name might not appear on a website. I still have the chance to ride across the United States. So I have that going for me, which is nice.

  • Michael Johnson

    Damn … that looks really rough. Snow can be some tough crap to ride through. Hope this doesn’t impact your route / finishing time too much. I bet you’re getting excited!