Tour Divide is ONE WEEK AWAY!

Holy crap! It’s almost here! So much stuff left to do, so much stuff left undone! On the bright side I’ll be deep in it next week. And by deep in it, I mean snow! Snow levels are still high and it looks like on the first day we’ll be pushing through thigh-high snow. Damn.

I want say thanks to a couple of people that have helped me out in the gear department. These are good people to support so please do! Huge thanks to Swrve for their awesome wool base layers and caps.

Huge thanks to Chris Kostman at Adventure Corps for the Rough Riders Jersey! This is one of my favorite jerseys so I’m stoked to have a fresh one for the trip.

Huge thanks to Topanga Creek Bicycles! My favorite bike shop period. Check them out for all your mountain bike/touring/banana bread needs. Thanks guys!

Ok, I’ve been thinking about getting shirts made and my talented friend Marcus of Whitney Durable designed this shirt for me. I owe him a huge thanks for this.

So here’s the deal. Shirts will be $20. $10 for every shirt sold will go to Sound good? Great! Now, here’s where I need your help though. I have no idea how many shirts to print, so please leave a comment if you’re willing to buy a shirt, and tell me your size too. That will give us an idea of how many to order. We just need to gauge the interest.

Ok, go here to place your order for a shirt. Let’s make this happen!

Ok, that’s enough for now. Oh wait! If you haven’t donated yet there’s still time! Go here and be sure and tell your friends/family/co-workers/strangers/whoever!