Seven Days on The Tour Divide.

As many of you know already seven days is all that I was able to complete on this years Tour Divide. Seven days, damn. That’s considerably shorter than I had planned to ride. I had planned to make it all the way to Mexico. More like TWENTY-SEVEN days. What a bummer. Wait, what a training ride! I learned so much in those few days. Things I never would have learned at home. About packing. About pacing. About eating. About myself.

I’ve started to upload some pics, but I’m still having problems with the words. Just how should I share this crazy adventure? How do I share what I’ve learned? I think in the next week or two I’ll make a post about each day. Pics and words to describe what each day was like. Then, I’ll share what I learned about my kit. What things I would change. Yes, there are many things I would change. Things I could’ve done better/smarter.

In seven days I rode 640 miles. My average was 120 miles per day. That’s right where I wanted to be pace wise, but I didn’t realize I was doing that. For some reason I thought I was moving slower than that. I think that’s pretty awesome, because that means I could’ve pushed myself even harder. Well, I think I could’ve anyways. Maybe I would’ve broke sooner?

So stay tuned as over the next week or two I share my stories from the 2011 Tour Divide. Don’t forget, the race is still going on. The Southbounders and Northbounders have now crossed paths and it looks like they could be done in a week or so! Crazy.

In the meantime here’s a pic to whet your appetite.

  • welcome back! been following the blog and the spot, and am anxiously awaiting your download on your journey!

  • Michael Johnson

    Sounds like it was an amazing experience. Like Mike, I can’t wait for the photos and stories. I enjoyed following your progress on the Tour Divide site. Kinda stopped watching as often, after you dropped out.

  • Vitullog

    Awesome idea to break up your experiences into a travelogue. I’ll look forward to reading it. Remember, you did 120 m per day…in rough terrain. Thats not like riding your roadbike 120 mi, which is hard enough, day after day. You were going up and down steep hills and over obstacles, through rivers and snow. Way harder. I’m very proud of you as one of your buds and a cyclist myself (not in your category) and look forward to your posts.

  • Sorry to hear, Errin, though awesome that you see it with such an positive attitude. Looking forward to read all about your experience in those seven days, I imagine it must have been great despite whatever happened.

  • Redfearn


    We’ve exchanged emails once, when you were nice enough to offer to transport a bike from Pasadena to Topanga Canyon. We have a mutual friend who let me know about your blog and, let’s just say, I’ve followed from afar as you have some of the adventures I wish I could commit to having.

    I can imagine the disappointment, but only because you had high hopes. But from where I sit you’re twice the rider I’ll ever be because you actually tried it and twice the person I am because you let all of in on your hopes.

    Like the others, I’m eager to see and hear more. I just hope you’re feeling proud of the way you handled the lead up and the ride itself. I remain impressed and more than a little envious of the adventure you had.

    Thanks, Chris.

  • Looking forward to hearing why you didn’t finish. You don’t seem like the type to come home on your shield. 😉

  • Wslrngr

    You went further than I have ever backpacked/hiked. Awesome attempt! Great photos and narrative. Looking forward to the rest of the story. Auntie Rosa

  • Leedeubert

    What a beautiful picture of the mountains Errin !! I think you are amazing going 640 miles in the time that you did. I can’t wait to see more pictures and to hear more of your adventure.
    A lot can happen in 640 miles…….