Wolfpack Hustle

It’s been a month since I’ve really ridden my bike. I needed to get out and get back on it, and it was Monday. That means one thing. Wolfpack Hustle! I don’t know if it was the best ride to choose after all that time off, but I did it. Wolfpack Hustle is known as being one of the fastest rides here in Los Angeles. How fast? Faster than a jet fast! They just raced a Jet Blue airplane and won! I should’ve known it was going to be tough. I cut my leg open just riding down the driveway. I guess I’d forgotten how to clip-in! I was hoping this wasn’t a bad omen.

I got dropped on the first three legs thanks to a mechanical. I’m really getting tired of the Kogswell, but that’s another story. About 30 miles in my legs were on fire. I knew I just had to push on though. I made it to the final stop just as the group was rolling out. From there I limped back to Tang’s, the start and finish point. By the time I got home I had logged 60 miles. Not too bad for a month without pedalin’!

It was a great night to be out in LA. I thought a lot about the Tour Divide as I was riding through the city. It was a familiar feeling. Alone, off the back, but there was something different. The Tour Divide put things in perspective. This ride around the city seemed so small. So safe. There’s so much out there to do and explore. No better way to do it than by bike.