Where to from here?

With the passing of the Tour Divide, I find myself wondering what’s next. The TD took over my life for the better part of a year. I guess it took over this blog too. Now that I’ve been back home for a couple months, and now back at work, I wonder what this blog is for. I don’t know where the content will come from. What do I have to share? Who cares even? I’m not a good photographer, and not even a good cyclist. So why should people come back here? I know that many people have found this blog through their own searches on the Tour Divide, but I don’t know that I have anything to offer anymore.

I’ve lost the momentum that I had while planning for the Tour Divide. The endless gear posts, training posts and updates. To be honest, I haven’t even ridden my bike that much since I’ve been back. I’ve lost the fitness that I had and find myself popping off the back of even the mellowest of rides.

I have discovered something though. The fun of fatbiking. I rode the Mukluk to work last week, and will do it again hopefully a couple times this week. That bike gets so much attention, especially here in sunny socal. I would almost say too much attention. Right now I’m enjoying a slower approach to cycling. I’m going to try and play with the GoPro some more and share some of my rides on the Mukluk. Maybe that’s the new direction. Fatbiking. Let’s see where that takes us.

  • i care, having enjoyed the blog after finding you on the bp forums.

    maybe some time for ‘everyday’ adventures?

  • I’ve been following you since before you started talking about the Tour Divide stuff and I will continue to do so. Fatbiking is definitely a good topic, although it might be dangerous for me to read too much about it … dangerous for the pocketbook, that is! Anyway, just do your thing — have fun out there, and don’t worry about your audience. By the way, you take a lot of great photos, so don’t be so hard on yourself there.

  • Jaykwee

    I started following your adventures after I met you at the Rough Riders Rally in Mill Valley. You had the bike I wanted the Salsa Fargo. Now my tastes have changed, but I seem to want a bike for every occasional.