Last weekend Serbrina and I were invited out sailing by Chris and Eric. We’ve talked about trying it before, but things never lined up. This time though, we jumped at the chance. They have a 25′ foot racer based out of Marina Del Rey so we sailed north to Santa Monica and back. Serbrina and I were quickly put to work on the jib as we sailed out of the marina and into open water. It was so relaxing, and quiet. That was something that I hadn’t really thought of. Up until then my only experience on boats had been on boats with some sort of power. It was kinda weird how quiet it was out there. Of course, that was broken as the jet skis or power boats zoomed by. The Harleys of the boating scene maybe?

It only seemed fitting to think of Mike Watt’s opera “Contemplatin’ The Engine Room”. I kept hearing “Liberty Calls” as we sailed.

I really liked seeing the coastline from a different angle. Chris mentioned how he always wonders how many photos they end up in from all the beachgoers. I hadn’t really thought of that, but it makes sense. We sailed out to a buoy where some seals, or sea lions, I don’t know, were hanging out before turning around. I ended up getting a little seasick on the return leg and was happy to get back to the shelter of the marina.

It was a great change of pace from a bicycle ride. I was very happy to have Serbrina there with me, instead of waiting at home while I’m out riding. Things are more enjoyable when she’s around. There was plenty of bike talk though. We spoke about an upcoming bike overnighter to Catalina Island. If you’re in SoCal and interested keep an eye out here. I’ll announce the dates once it’s locked.

Huge thanks to Chris and Eric for the trip. We had a blast!

Baba Buoy