(No) Tv Party Tonight!

Serbrina and I are on our second of week of no tv. Ok, it’s been on 3 times, each for short periods though. We get in and we get out. We decided to challenge ourselves just over a week ago and see if we could do it. The first idea was just to see if we could get by without satellite tv. Could we just use Netflix and other online portals to get our fix? Then Serbrina said, “let’s just see if we can not watch tv at all!”. What? Is that even a thing? Do people do that?

So we tried it last week and did it! It was a little tough at first, but the vibe in our house is so much better now. The most noticeable benefit is that it’s quiet. Feels more relaxed. Also, we’re getting way more things done now. Work around the house, sewing projects and cooking more. We’re really enjoying it and we’re going to see where it goes. Will we cancel our satellite? Who knows. That still feels a little extreme, but I would like to get there someday. I think we’re off to a good start.

  • Excellent. We haven’t had cable for a couple of years now, and we get no channels at all at our house over the air. I don’t think cancelling your satellite is extreme.

    That doesn’t mean we don’t watch anything. We do watch Netflix and things from, as you say, other online channels. And sometimes, we get stuff from the library. But we don’t pay for TV, and we don’t buy movies. And yet we still have plenty of entertainment options available, just not the latest stuff, usually, which is fine for us.

    Still, we’re trying to cut back our TV watching a bit. We will get into a series and then watch it rather intensely. This can add up to a lot of time, and when we skip it, we definitely accomplish more. Seems like a good tradeoff.

    • Anonymous

      Awesome! That’s exactly what we are weighing out right now. Can we get by with only Netflix? I think we can. It’s working for you so that’s inspiring to me. I’ll admit though that giving up HBO might be tough. The HBO GO app on the iPad is great, but it only works if you pay for HBO. If they offered that on a subscription basis I’d cancel satellite today. I think I’ll really miss some of the comedies and series on HBO though. However, as you say, we’ll just watch it on Netflix when they are released as a set. So is it really that big of a deal? I don’t think so. Thanks for sharing!

  • Rube

    I’d try it, but I know I couldn’t give up watching sports, especially with college football returning and my Detroit Tigers in first place in baseball. But I commend you guys for doing it.

    • Anonymous

      I thought about that too Rube. I’ll be giving up F1 racing (which I haven’t watched all season) and the Tour De France. However, I can pay for both of them to watch online for about $80 total. That’s only one month of satellite. So it’s still possible.

  • Mike

    Nice. Been TV free since 1999? Or so. So much to do, rather than have drivel poured into your eyes and ears and mind.

  • Rob

    You will not miss it in the long run. I have been TV free since 1998. People used to feel bad for me and force them on me. I would sell them a week later, pocket the cash. My dad still thinks I am nuts and has a hard toime relaxing without some sort of news channel for background noise, thus he gets all fidgetty when he visits. Thus the fringe bennefit of weeding out people in your life that you have little more in common with than watching crap on TV. I realy beleive it is more powerfull than any other thing you could quit. Embrace the power and fre time!!

    • Anonymous


      You are absolutely right. The amount of “free” time that we’ve gotten back in just two weeks is awesome. That’s a big reason that I’ve gotten so much sewing done in the past week. Not to mention the other little things around the house.

      It’s already starting to be a good habit. We have turned it on a couple times in the past week, but it’s only to watch something specific and then it goes off. In fact, we’ve found ourselves getting bored partway through the show and turning it off before the show is even over.

  • Vik Banerjee

    Sweet – congrats. I’m at ~10yrs no TV. I’ve watched a bit in hotels or at pub during play offs, but not owned a beast box since around Y2K. I don’t miss it.

    • Anonymous

      Whoa! That’s some commitment there Vik. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve backslid and I’ve been watching it again. What a huge time suck this is!