Surly Fatbike News! The Moonlander and new tires!

With Interbike quickly approaching, news from the Surly camp plopped yesterday about their new Fatbike gear. Fatbike fans from around the world, all 20 of us, were glued to the Surly Blog yesterday. Reading it not once, not twice, but thrice! The big rumor (pun intended) that was confirmed was the addition of an even fatter fatbike. It’s kinda like at Fatburger, where you can always get a fatter burger than you need. Behold the Surly “Moonlander”.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. There’s no space program anymore, so why would you need a bike made specifically for “Moonlanding”. However, there are plenty of obstacles located here on Planet Earth to ride over, or in the case of small unattended children, run over. This is where the Surly Moonlander comes in. Just point the bike where you want to go, bend your knees and prepare for the shock, and then keep riding. The obstacle that was once in your way now lays flattened like an old american car at a monster truck rally. Watch out Grave Digger.

Ok, so the Moonlander is cool and all, but I ride a Salsa Mukluk. I don’t think I’ll be trading it in for the Moonlander. However, if the guys at Salsa want me to test a Mukluk Ti (or Mukluk 3? Kinda confusing) then I could get on board with that. What really got me excited with the announcement was the pictures of the fresh meat. Yes people, I’m talking about rubber. No, not those! Tires! As Spinal Tap so eloquently sang “the bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin'”. Let’s think about that for a minute shall we?

While the pushin’ is sweet, fat tires on the street are a lot of work. So I’m really excited about the new Surly Black Floyd tire. A smooth tread 3.8″ tire that will be perfect for commuting. It reminds me of the Schwalbe Fat Franks. I think it’s only fair that Schwalbe changes the name to Medium Franks, or Ballpark Franks, because there’s a new fattie in town.

The other new tire is the Nate 3.8. A knobby tire that would do well on dry singletrack, fireroads or rock gardens. Maybe, I don’t know for sure, but it looks cool. I didn’t have any problems with my Larry tires on singletrack, but I can see where this tire would give more grip for sure. Might be worth checking out.

The final tire is the BFL. Right now I’ve got a set of the Larry 3.8 tire on the Mukluk so you can only imagine that the BFL is a “f#$%^Qing” larger version of it. Well, if you did imagine that you’d be both right and wrong. It’s a Fatter version of it. The Big FAT Larry is designed with the Moonlander in mind. A 4.7″ wide tire that makes my Fargo 2.1″ tires look like a 700cs! This tire is what makes the Moonlander, well, it makes it a Moonlander I guess. There is chatter on the net that the Big Fat Larry will fit the Mukluk, but some altering of the drive train is required. I’m not sure if I’d go down that road yet. I’m pretty happy with my 3.8s, but this America and bigger is ALWAYS better. Right?