I don’t think I ever mentioned it, but I sold my Surly Long Haul Trucker a few weeks ago. It took me some time to come to grips with it, but I think it was a good idea. It was a little on the small side for me anyways. My riding preferences, style, taste, whatever you call it has changed since I started riding the LHT so it just didn’t work for me anymore. I was sad to do it though. I was very excited to start touring when I got the LHT. It’s a trip to think about where I’ve gone since then. All thanks to the LHT.


I also decided to sell my Salsa Fargo steel frame/fork. My original idea when I sold the LHT was to build up the steel Fargo and use it in place of my LHT. It would be my commuter bike. Fenders, racks etc. The more I thought about it though I realized that there’s no reason I couldn’t commute on the Fargo Ti, or the Kogswell for that matter. So reluctantly, I decided that the Fargo frame/fork should go to.


With the funds raised from selling those bikes I picked up a Sailrite sewing machine. I’m really enjoying making some frame bags, top tube bags and more. I’m going to make my own backpack soon and after that, who knows! I’m only limited by my skills I guess.


When I got the machine I was blown away at how awesome it is. It truly is a power tool. Luckily Serbrina caught my reaction on tape when it showed up. Can’t wait to make some pillow covers!

  • Sorry to hear the LHT and steel Fargo had to go. That’s two of my friends selling LHTs lately. I think of all my bikes, the LHT would be the last to go, if I had to sell bikes. It’s my daily commuter, and covers a huge range of my other riding, too. If you’re not riding it, though, it makes sense.

    That machine looks pretty badass, for a sewing machine. Looking forward to seeing what kind of bags you make. How long before we can commission one?

    • Anonymous

      My Fargo Ti and Mukluk have become the go to bikes for me. I just wasn’t riding the LHT anymore.

      There are already a couple people in the queue. What kind of bag are you looking for? A frame bag or a top tube bag?

      • I’m not seriously looking right now. I have thought about a frame bag for my 29er, but it’s not a pressing need and with school back in session, extra dollars are few and far between.

  • Ben Oney

    Do you have any suggestions for a decent, entry-level sewing machine? I’d like to try a few projects this winter and have been looking at used machines on craigslist, but I have no idea what I should be looking for.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Ben,

      I’d say whatever you can get cheap is the best way to start. One that has a zipper foot and can do zig zag stitches would be ideal. Also, the ability to do an Overcast stitch is nice if you’re going to make things with fill, like the vest that I built for example. That’s just extra though. I’d ask your relatives. I bet someone has one that they aren’t using. You can get tons of prac in on a free one before you decide to buy.

  • Put me in the queue for a top tube bag!! Good luck with the new pursuits, it is clear you have a passion for making gear!!

  • I too sold my LHT after a couple of years of ownership and replaced it with a Fargo. I loved the LHT, but I wanted to hit some rougher, off road stuff for camping and the low BB and tire width issues made it less than ideal for that. I can honestly say that if I had a Ti Fargo, I’d do the same thing and sell the steel one too. A bike that isn’t ridden is a bike wasted.