Handlebar Sling Prototype

Back when I was on the Tour Divide I spent a lot of time thinking about this. Most handlebar bags that are made for bikepacking are designed around straight bars. So if you ride a drop bar bike, like my Fargo, the bags won’t work and you are forced to do something else. On the TD I used two straps around the handlebar to hold my sleeping pad and ground cover. Then I strapped a Revelate Designs pocket over that for my snacks. Did it work? Yes, it did, but it was not ideal.

So I’ve been thinking about a different way to carry my gear on the front. I can see it in my head, but I finally took the time to bang out a quick prototype last night. The idea is that it mounts to the bars, and then there are two separate straps to hold a compression sack (still to be built). Also, I need to figure out a way to include straps for a jacket. The main thing is that it’s narrow enough to fit between the drops on my Fargo. Which it does!

Now that I built it there are a bunch of changes that I want to make. I need to simplify it and I don’t think I’ll stick with the cam locks. I think I’ll go back to ladder-locks instead. Now the refining begins!

  • I’ve been working with a rough handlebar bag on my bike, but it presses on the front brake cable housing and ends up pulling it out of the brake housing. Have you run into any problems with handle bar bags and the cables?

    • Anonymous

      No, I haven’t had any problems with the cable housing directly. I think I did adjust a cable after the bag was installed to avoid some extra drag on the brakes. What bag are you using? Homemade?

      • Yeah, it’s a homemade bag that needs lots of work. An early test case to try things out.

  • nice work. my revelate (bought when they were epic), fits into my woodchippers (the wide ones…) with a sea to summit bag.

    • Anonymous

      That looks like it fits perfectly Mike. I struggle with the thought of just buying one already. It is fun to make and use your own gear though, as you know.

      • agreed. i have a sewing machine sitting here collecting dust. going to make a simple bivy in the next few weeks (potato sack style, no head cover) for a fall trip to break the wind, and i need to do a frame bag.

        haven’t been able to crack the sewing learning curve yet… but want to.

        • Anonymous

          Like they say, “nothin’ to it but to do it”.

  • Looks great! I love handlebar bags, though this is a bit different from the bags I use. Very cool.