Meeting with Nate

I’ve been riding the Mukluk enough that it was time to get the fit dialed in. For the most part it felt pretty good, but after riding my Fargo I felt like it wasn’t quite right. I keep riding it longer and farther than I ever would have imagined, so I needed to make sure it fit right.

I warned Nate that I was bringing the Mukluk and he said it’d be no problem. It fit, but it wasn’t perfect. The rear wheel wouldn’t turn in the trainer, so I had to pedal backwards. No worries though. After a few tweaks the Mukluk fit is dialed.

Could a Fatbike 200k be in the future? I think so. I just need some aero bars. Huge thanks to Nate Loyal for all the help with the bike fit and training.

  • guest

    Is it just me or does your leg look SUPER extended? Tippie-toed even?

    • Anonymous

      No, it’s not extended. It does look that way in the pic though.

  • Steve J.

    Dude, Temecula next month! Are you in?