Surly Long Haul Trucker Top Tube Bag

Over the long weekend I tried to play catchup on some things. Most were unsuccessful, however one wasn’t. I made a pattern for a new top tube bag and assembled it. A specific request for a bag that works well with the tall head tubes of the Surly Long Haul Truckers. It ended up coming out pretty good. I’ve sold my LHT but I was able to use Serbrina’s LHT as my test mule.

Pretty good fit I’d say.

The angle of the front of the bag works better for road bikes than they would on a mountain bike with it’s slanted top tube. I tried it out on my Kogswell P/R and it worked out great there too. The Kogger also has a tall head tube, so the strategically placed front strap fits perfectly.

The bag will easily fit your wallet and cell phone as well as some snacks. If’n you’re interested in one let me know. Thanks for looking!

  • Jondoyle Jd

    Very nice! Do you think that would work on my Cross Check?

    • Anonymous

      It should fit fine Jon.

  • andrew

    are you still making this bag? if so… how much does it cost? thanks!!

    • Area45

      No I’m not. You could try contacting Topanga Creek Bicycles though. I made a few for them and they may still have one. Thanks for looking!