Brevet Frame Bag

This weekend I made a small bag for my Kogswell to be used in Brevets. It’s basically a half frame bag, but really it’s even smaller than that. It will be the spot where I carry my snacks, phone, gloves, brevet card etc. I added some reflective tape to both sides, and of course Jim’s patch.

I used cam-locks and D-rings for both the front and back mounting points. My frame is so small that I couldn’t have the bag go all the way to the seat tube without blocking the water bottle. The cam-locks allow me to get some tension on the straps easier than velcro would.

  • Nice!
    I’m putting that patch on a bag I’m working on. I’ll take pictures when it’s done.

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  • M Redmond

    This is Awesome! I was thinking of mentioning to expand your Long Haul Trucker bag to something like this. Do you think there is anyway to add some extra supports inside the bag for strapping a pump or tools so they don’t move around. Also, can a Mountain bike version of this bag be made?

    • Anonymous

      Sure, you could add either straps, velcro or elastic. Or any combination of the three. The sky is the limit. Well, actually my skills are the limiting factor right now, but I’ve just done a bag with a strap inside to hold stuff.

      They can be made for any bike. They are custom to each frame.