Olympus EP-3 Wireless Remote

Scored for cheap on eBay this Wireless Remote for the EP-3. It was advertised as only working up to the EP-2 but for $16 I took the gamble and it worked! Looking forward to playing with this!



  • nice, i picked up a $35 vello brand from B&H a few weeks ago. have been playing with it and the g12. it works wired, and wireless.


    • Anonymous

      Perfect Mike! Mine is only wireless, but that’s what I wanted. There was one advertised as working with the EP-3, but it was $80. It has many more features, but I really only wanted to be able to press the shutter from the bike. My friend has the EP-2 so we checked the connectors and they are the same. I figured that the the worst case would be that I would resell it and and buy the more expensive one if it didn’t work, and of course the best case would be that it worked. And it did!

      • nice. i looked at the IR ones, they seem to be cheaper. this one does 2sec delay (which is nice), continuous, and bulb (which is incompatible with my camera).

        is it IR or radio?

        mine has a little transmitter with antenna, and a receiver. the receiver plugs into the camera and can mount in the hot shoe or elsewhere. when using it wired, you simply press the buttons on the receiver.


        looking forward to some interesting shots from you!

        • Anonymous

          Well, I may have spoke too soon. I brought it in to work to show my friend and it started freaking out and taking shot after shot. Now, it’s not even firing the shutter. Might have to look into the guts of it when I get home. Now it will only focus, but not fire the shutter.

          It’s IR, not RF. It will do 2 sec delay when it works.It was the cheap one, and now I think I know why.

          • eeek! say it aint so!
            pull the batteries, and let it sit for a minute or two.
            then fire it up and try again.

            mine kept firing off shots when i set it up – realized i had slipped the reciever into the ‘hold’ position – which when the trigger is pressed will shoot until you hit the trigger again.

            scary, but i figured it out!

            good luck.
            i can recommend the vello brand so far, if you want to go double the cost and RF.