Kona Dual Compartment Frame Bag

I just completed my first dual-compartment frame bag. This is a great option for frames that are large enough to take advantage of this. The two zippers allow you to get access to items at the bottom of the bag without having to empty all of the contents out. Just above the lower zipper is velcro that can be attached to create a shelf if needed or wanted. Also, there’s a small mesh pocket located on the downtube portion.

Looking down into the bag. Tons of space!

Shelf deployed.

  • Lots of well thought out features here, I dig it. Is that a cinch strap inside the bag on the seattube portion?

    • Anonymous

      Yep, good eye.

  • Steve J.

    Brilliant! Would this fit a Fargo, or is it specifically designed for a particular Kona model?

    • Anonymous

      This was made specifically for the Kona, but one could be made to fit the Fargo. Just depends on your frame size. I ride a small and there’s just no room for two compartments. Even a medium might be too small. It’s really intended for the larger frames.

  • Just curious about making the bike bags……your own design, or do you have patterns? They’re really nice too!

    • Anonymous

      The bags are very basic, modeled after some pro bags that I’ve had made. The pattern in it’s simplest form is the frame triangle with a spine to separate the two panels. I do keep a pattern for each different frame bag I make though. Here’s a great look at how they are assembled. http://www.porcelainrocket.com/2012/01/09/while-out-stitching/

  • Hello..
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