300k Incomplete

This weekend was the Orange County 300k. I thought I would be able to complete it, but it wasn’t to be. This route had a lot of climbing in it and I was hesitant about it from start. I should’ve trusted my gut and stayed home. The start felt pretty good and I got to the first control within an hour. After that I hooked up with the strong tandem riders Jack and Kathy and a rider on his second brevet, Bill, I think. Riding with them was great for the next 30 miles or so. I hadn’t been eating though, so focused on holding the tandems wheel, and when I pulled out of the draft to grab a snack I couldn’t get back on. The winds had started and there was no way for me to make up the lost ground. The next 15 miles against the headwind sucked, really sucked. At one point my speedo read 5mph on the bike path.

I made it to the control and got some more calories in, but then the rollers started. The little I had left was gone and there was 100 miles to go. Serbrina was at her parents house just off route so I headed there. I knew there was more climbing to come so I just pulled the plug and spent the rest of the day with her. It was the right choice.

It would’ve been nice to finish, but when you aren’t having fun what’s the point. These rides should be fun. Unfortunately that fun is getting less and less for me. Might be time to mix things up. Maybe start walking instead.

  • hey, chin up! i know the feeling.

    i am way behind on any sort of riding. i look on as friends have been hitting 50-60-90 mile rides and throwing up nice pictures and ride reports… and i can barely get out for a mountain bike cruise through the local trails.

    our first 200k which if moderately ‘climby’ is in may. eeek!

    shaking things up… for sure.
    why not a spring bikepacking trip – focus on scenery or unique, close in destination?
    maybe ride the muk?
    or throw all that lite gear into a pack and take the train somewhere to hike?

    • Anonymous

      Funny you say that. Last night I got the Muk ready for commuter duty and I started thinking about a quick backpacking trip. I just need a break from these long rides I think.

      • i’ve got my pugs all ready to go, just waiting for either a: winter to arrive (unlikely), or b: the ice to go away… when that happens i’ll enjoy a nice change of pace.

        i forced out a couple or rides i probably shouldn’t have a few years ago, trying to hit ‘a century a month’… total burnout. then in my infinite wisdom i beat myself up and hired a coach to help me write up a ‘plan’. total burnout^2. i was off the bike for like 8 months or more. it sucked when i finally got back on.

        lesson learned for me was i should have stepped back when i was forcing those early rides to try and self correct with other activities or just fun, low key riding.

        you’ll sort it out. curious to see a muk adventure or hiking trip.

  • Steve J.

    Some days you’re the bear, others you’re the woods. Such is life. Good effort, though.

    Maybe some MTB is in your future? Keep on doing what you do, Errin.

  • Steve A.

    “These rides should be fun.” I wear a Curious George cycling jersey to remind myself not to take this stuff (and myself) too seriously. Sometimes we defeat ourselves with the goals we set. Enjoy the time with your wife and on your bikes.

  • Mary Gersemalina

    Tough to keep moving forward when you’re not enjoying the ride. On an up note, though, how nice that you got to ride w/ Jack and Kathy. Ed and I met them during PBP and they are such cool people!

  • Ben

    oh well…some days you have it and some days it’s better to just pull the plug and try something else.

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