Brevet Wallet

I had this idea of a way to keep my brevet card and receipts together without using a ziplock bag. Something that would look a little nicer. So I made up a prototype last night. The idea is there and now that I can see it and hold it I know what to change.

I plan to add a pen holder on the side and I think I figured out how to hide the final seam.

Randos, what do you think?




  • Nice work! I can’t really comment on its utility, as I’ve only ever done one populaire, rando-wise. But it sure looks nice, and seems like a real improvement over a ziplock.

  • Tlpeck58

    I think it is great and has potential. From my perspective, the wallet needs to be able to hold a brevet card (check), have a place for paper money and credit cards (check), a pen holder (check), AND a place for loose change (always a problem). Good work; I would buy one!

  • Iron Rider

    Looks good but waterproof is a big PLUS for the ziplock. If you cane make it waterproof as well, you got a nice item in the works

    • Anonymous

      You are correct. That is something that is hard to beat with the ziploc bag. The next version will be made out of Xpac, which is a more technical fabric, and more water resistant than cotton duck. Between the waterproof zipper and a redesigned pocket for the brevet card, I think it’ll do pretty good in the rain. I’m also thinking about sweat if you carry it in your jersey pocket.

  • nice start! curious to see where you take this.

    for awhile i was using an eagle creek travel thing from the outdoor store. had room for brevet card, id, my old phone, pen, cash, credit card, etc. what i liked about it is that it would ride in my h-bar bag or in my carradice – and when i stopped the first thing i did was take it out and sling it around my neck. had all my essentials for convenience store runs and controls right with me…

    compressing that down into a jersey pocket sized item is a nice idea. adding a vapor or water barrier would be key. i have one of those little wallets that is supposed to be ‘sweat proof’ from an online cycling store – sadly its hardly sweat proof, and not even close to rain proof. everything in it gets damp from just riding around in my jersey.

  • ill take one as soon as yer happy with it!!!!