REI Kayak Class

This weekend Serbrina and I took the next step in our kayaking adventure. We signed up for and completed the Kayak Class that REI puts on. It’s a 6 hour class where you are taught the basic paddle strokes and how to maneuver a kayak. The second half of the class is a tour of the area which included going out in the open ocean.

It was really fun, but kayaking is a work out! Most of the class is spent practicing the correct way to paddle. As with most sports, if you get the proper technique down you can go farther with less effort. It’s tough to break those bad habits though. I’m really feeling it today in my back and core.

One of the coolest parts was when the sea lions would swim near our kayaks. One of them popped up really close to me and startled me. I thought I was going to end up in the drink! The teachers were great and we’re looking forward to renting some kayaks again on our own. Hopefully even taking the next level of classes too. Gotta learn the wet exit and most importantly, the re-entry! Don’t worry Glenn, I’ve got a ways to go before I catch up to you!