• Steve J.

    Sadly, not your El Mar, huh?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, not my El Mar, but the pic is of my Fargo Ti. Right now I’m more interested in the letters M-U-K in front of TI anyways. How did you like the Moonlander?

      • Steve J.

        I didn’t ride it around, but I’ve got a good idea what it’s like. They tires are scarby big, and it sure caused quite a scene everywhere we went at Sea Otter. Anti-social Scott got to the point where he just wanted to leave it at camp so he wouldn’t get harassed anymore.

  • Perusn01

    I am looking for a bag just like that for my medium El Mariachi Ti.
    Please contact me if you have any ideas.

  • Hey there, nice bag! Question, did you iron that patch on or sew it? I was curios as to whether an iron patch would stick to x-pac

    • Area45

      Hi Logan,

      The patch is sewn on. I’m not sure if you can iron on to x-pac. I think it may harm it, but I have not tried. Are you making a bag?

      • Thanks, I am making one… just started this morning…