Back to Normal-MS Ride Coming Up

Now that the Salsa Cycles Video contest is over I feel like things are getting back to normal. It was a tough thing for me to do. Self-promotion. It’s not really my style, and I’d prefer to hide in the back, however, I had to push the video and in the end I think I bothered some people. That was a selfish month.

Now though it’s time to get back to what I prefer to do. Help others. In just over a week I’ll be riding the MS Coastal Challenge for my mom. She was diagnosed with MS towards the end of last year. I can’t cure her, but I will do everything I can to help find one. I will be riding 100 miles on Saturday and another 60 miles on Sunday. I’ve set a goal to raise $5000 and I’m almost there. Anything helps, anything.

Ahhh, it feels much better to ask for help for someone else, or for a good cause than for myself. Apologies if you were turned off, hopefully I can get ya back.