MS Coastal Challenge Down-Donation Challenge

This weekend was the MS Coastal Challenge ride. We brought my mom, sister and nieces along for the event. I rode the 100 miler and had a pretty good ride. There was more climbing than I expected and I was glad I’ve been riding Mt. Wilson lately. I picked up a nail just a mile from the finish but I was able to limp it home and change it at the finish line. I had an issue with the rear wheel that kept me from riding on Sunday. That was a bummer, but it worked out for the better. I was able to spend the day with my family and enjoy a nice lunch with them.

Thanks to everyone for donating up to this point and here’s an incentive for those that haven’t. Right now I’m $700 away from meeting my goal. For every donation I get, up to $350, I will match the donation. So I’ll pay $350 and you help me raise the other $350. Sound good? Click here to donate and let’s finish this off and start working towards next year. Looks like Frontage Roads may have a team next year. Interested?