MS Coastal Challenge 2012 Wrap Up

First off I’d like to say Thank You to all of the generous people that donated to my ride for the MS Coastal Challenge this year. I set a goal of $5000 and not only did I meet that goal, I surpassed it! The final tally for the fundraising was $7,025! That’s nothing short of amazing and I’m really stoked that people were willing to help out.

We took my mom up to the event and she was so inspired that she wants to ride next year! Right now the plan is for her and I to ride a tandem. I’ll be the Captain and she’ll be the stoker. We plan to conquer the 35 miler along with some more family members. I’m stoked that something that I signed on to do has inspired so many people to join me next year. Especially stoked that my mom is going to ride it next year with me.

Finally, yesterday I came across this video from Shemar Moore of “Criminal Minds” His mom has MS as well and has been participating in the MS rides for years. My mom watches his show and she went up and talked to him and Phil Keoghan of “The Amazing Race” at the event. She can be seen in the video at the 1:11 mark. She is crying while talking to them. She’s not crying for herself, but for all the people affected with MS. Next year we’ll raise more money, and the year after we’ll raise more.