Salsa Spearfish Frame Bag

On my recent ride out with the Topanga Creek Bicycle gang I was riding the Salsa Spearfish. This was the first time sportin’ the new frame bag. I gotta say it worked out pretty good. Maybe an extra flare at the front would be good for a little bit more space, but overall I’m pretty stoked. Go make something with your hands!

  • Mike T

    Nice job on the bag. Do you have compartments inside and do the items bounce around a lot? I have a size small Spearfish too so it’s good to see you have quite a bit of room there.

    I live out in Thousand Oaks and was thinking about doing the Topanga Creek shop ride last weekend but got busy with family stuff. Maybe I’ll see you out there some time and I can check out the bag. I have a sewing machine too so I’ve been interested in trying to make something like this.

    • Area45

      Hi Mike,

      Bummer I missed you. I’ll be headed out there again. Not sure when though.

      So the bag is very simple. As you know, there isn’t much room in that area. So I just wanted something to carry a bladder and maybe a couple tools. On the ride I had the following items in there. Tire pump, suspension pump, spare tube and levers and my water bottle stashed in there. It was a tight fit, and I think if I packed it that way all the time the zipper would be pretty stressed. It did work though.

      Let me know if you need help laying out your bag. I’d be happy to help.

    • Area45

      Forgot to answer your question. I made this bag with just one compartment. The items were stuffed in so tight that nothing really moved around.