New York Bikes

One of the first thing I noticed was that bikes were everywhere in Manhattan. Mostly, bikes with motors, but they were still bikes. I guess. None in the subway though. Why is that? Are they not allowed? Maybe it’s not necessary because everything is so close? I guess we’ll never know.

I thought this sticker was great. Anyone been there? They have a great sense of humor that’s for sure.

That’s all the bike content I got from New York. I know, it’s so good that it was all I needed. Would I ride a bike as much if I lived there? Not sure. The subway can get you everywhere AND give you saddle sores without that annoying working out business. Way to go New York. Way to go.

  • Jim Bondra

    Bicycles are permitted on Subway trains at all times. However, we strongly recommend that cyclists avoid boarding crowded rush hour trains. Be courteous to your fellow passengers by standing with your bike, moving it so others can pass, and not blocking doors. from the MTA site.

    When I lived in NYC 20 years ago, I used to take the subway on Sunday morning from Brooklyn up to the George Washington Bridge and then do 50-100 mile rides up into NJ and areas north.

    Jim from Ithaca, NY

    • Area45

      Thanks Jim. Here in LA it’s very common to see bikes on our “subway”. We are more spread out though so I guess it makes more sense because you could be traveling quite a distance. We are way behind you guys and not as many people use the trains, so they are never as packed as what I saw in NY. So there is almost always room on the train. Thanks for reading!

  • Kmkennedy

    The PATH train between NJ and NY does not allow you to take your bikes on during rush hours. You can take them on a ferry or go all the way up to GWB to cross. You’d see a lot more bikes on the trains during warmer months. It’s an explosion of bike riders in the spring through fall. I notice only the hardcore and delivery guys during the winter. You know they are delivery guys if they are running electrics and are chinese. 🙂