Yonder Journal is Live!

Yesterday the Yonder Journal went live. A collection of stories and photos, but I think more importantly, inspiration. What is it exactly? Here’s what they say.

Yonder Journal is the exploration of American Frontiers and Western Principles. We are Cultural Anthropologists and Sportsmen compelled into the Wilderness to explore, document and publish a lasting and meaningful record of our experiences there. Through a collection of Studies, Briefs and Guides we endeavor to understand and relate those people, places and pursuits the purview of Yonder

You can read the stories and look at the pics. Some of them, maybe all, you’ll even be able to do yourself by using one of their guides. The main thing though is get out and do something. That’s what I get from the Yonder Journal. Like they say #goyonder.

Old Ridge Road Permanent from Yonder Journal on Vimeo.

Whatever it is, it struck a chord. Yesterday, a facebook post about the Ridge Route Brovet grew and grew. Grown men trying to figure out how to get to Bakersfield by bike. Grown ass men! To quote one of the posts “you’d think it be the other way around”.