Strava PR or Your’re Kind Of A Big Deal.

You know that email that Strava sends you, the one that says you’re kind of a big deal? Or the alert that you just earned 35 whatever the hells on your last ride, but you’re still 759 out of 762 on the leaderboard? You know those right? Well, those are the things that I struggle with about using Strava.

Admittedly I like to log my miles. I like setting a weekly goal and trying to hit it. I like seeing the larger numbers after a couple months of riding. Strava makes this easy to log since I can just use my phone on those quick rides. Or commutes. I don’t always have to sync up the GPS after every ride. However, what Strava also does is remind me that I’m slow as shit! Here’s the thing, I’ve got enough demons in my head that I don’t need a constant update from a website. I can put myself down just fine, thank you. I can keep it going all day long like a seasoned endurance athlete too!

I admit that I get sucked in though. I look at my position and I use the next fastest time to move up a spot. One spot at a time even. Sometimes it’s only a second or two and I know it’s doable. Sometimes though, it’s a huge difference! There are some fast guys here, and everywhere for that matter.

Last night on my commute home I decided to push it on a climb. I made the decision to stay in the big ring. It hurt, but I stuck with it. If only I can move up one spot. If only I can get faster. If only. When I got home and looked at my stats I was blown away! Not only had I beat my own time, but I obliterated it! I shaved an entire minute off my time, moving up from 23rd to 11th place! Over the past month of consistent riding I’ve shaved almost 4 minutes off of this climb!

There was an article on Outside recently about Strava and the people using it. There was a section where they talked about the person that rides alone, often. How Strava can be a good tool for those people. I guess I’m one of them. I’ll try not to be a douche, but I’m not making any promises.

  • Whether or not you keep using Strava, you’re kind of a big deal 😉

    • Area45

      Thanks Steve. Strava just sent me another email confirming it, so it must be true!

  • Andrew Law

    Right there with ya on “the person who rides alone alot” front. Jessica too.

    • Area45

      You’ve been gettin’ some good rides in Andrew. I’m keepin’ an eye on you.