Do. It. Yourself.

Yesterday I read this post from Steven at The Straight Nope. Go read it. In fact, read all of his posts because they are all good. The subject of this particular post really bugged me for some reason. As usual he nailed it.

For some reason this idea really bugged me. I don’t know why. It’s dumb. People do things differently. I like the idea of this amazing outdoor experience, except that it’s fully supported. The tender voiceover says “It’s a chance for all of us to find out what we are made of to be measured by the wilderness.” Really? Sure looks like everyone has all the luxuries of home out there. They are eating better than I’ve probably ever eaten! A chef with latex gloves preparing the food? WTF! It’s not a camping trip unless there’s a strong risk of an E. Coli outbreak! I have a feeling that out of sight was a toilet and shower truck so everyone smelled good at all times. Artisanal soaps no doubt.

Who cares though right? I like doing things self-supported. It’s not for everyone, but the real lessons come from being outside of your comfort zone. Running out of water. Pushing your bike through bear country with a chicken sandwich on your back. Being so far from home that you find yourself pedaling and crying. Yeah, that’s right. Crying. A grown ass man crying while riding his bike.

There is nothing about those experiences in this. This is the Walmarting of Outdoorsyness. The Urban Outfittering of Camping. The Glamour of “Glamping”. To really find yourself you need to do it yourself. You need to fail now and then. Make adjustments and then try again. Anything else and you’re not getting the full effect. You’re only half way in it.

  • Well, and what also burns my butt is that their trip is billed as a way to find your lost “masculinity”. Really? Really?!?! To be a “Man” you have to shell out a bunch of dough, ride a motorcycle on smooth dirt roads for 5 hours, drink beer from little blue mugs while a chef grills trout for dinner? WTF is that all about? I thought being a man was taking care of yourself, those you love, and people you don’t even know who are in need of aid. I guess I was sadly mistaken. Or not.

    • Area45

      I’m with you Erik. This whole thing just chaps my hide.

  • “Yeah, that’s right. Crying. A grown ass man crying while riding his bike.” — literally just laughed out loud.

    • Area45

      You’re welcome.