This week has gone by really fast. I was only able to pedal in once this week, but I’m feeling pretty good. Monday and Tuesday my legs were still a little sore from the weekend. This time next week I’ll be on a train heading north to ride my first fleche. So maybe the time off the bike is a good thing. I do want to feel “fresh for the the fleche”. Our team name is “The Sterling Archers”. I’m pretty sure the bike ride is gonna look something like this for 24 hours.

In other news, I’ve added a 5-pack option for the Rando sticker in the store. If you’ve got more than one bike, or a wall that needs a sticker, this is the best way to get multiples. 5 stickers for $6. Since applying one to my chainstay I’ve climbed up the Strava leaderboard and I can barely fit my thighs in my jeans. Coincidence? Probably, but you be the judge.

One last thing, today ticket’s go on-sale for the Make Up. They are playing Coachella, but luckily have agreed to play a show outside of that mess. I never got a chance to see them, so you can bet that I will be doing my level best to grab some tickets today. If’n you like the gospel yeah-yeah sound say “YEAH”! And if you like the weekend say “YEAH”! Now go have a good one.

  • brilliant team name……

    • Area45

      I thought you would like it.