Patterns and Bags

Things come in waves and right now the wave is full of patterns. I haven’t pedaled in almost two weeks now. At all. But maybe some rest is a good thing, right?

Last night I worked on two patterns for some tall guys. Their frames are huge. I’m sure one could fit a small child in them. I’m not advocating that, simply pointing it out.


Since I was in the bag making spirit I also worked on my own custom bag. Seems like bags for myself always fall to the back of the line. I’m sure that’s true for anyone that makes anything. Something about the cobblers kids have no shoes.

I was able to install the zipper on the drive side panel of my bag. Now I just need to lock down the patch placement.



I’m pretty sure they will go here. It looks pretty good they will be a good distraction from the small child trapped in there. I mean, uh, nevermind.