3 Shows, 2 Nights

What a busy couple of days. Glad to have a mellow day at work today. I went to 3 shows in 2 days. All bands I’ve never seen. 2 venues I’ve never been to. Vex Arts in LA and the Glass House in Pomona.

First up was the Make Up. I’ve been a fan for quite some time, but I didn’t discover them until they weren’t playing anymore. Holy crap did they deliver! Best of the 3 hands down. If you get the chance to see them, do it!


Last night started with The Evens. Another great show. Great stories, fun. It was like Fugazi unplugged. Ian plays with the same fury. I will see them again someday.


2nd show last night was Dinosaur Jr. I had to bail on The Evens a little early to make the drive out to Pomona again. Was bummed, but sometimes it’s tough if you want to have it all. I made it here right before they started and pushed into the crowd. The show was ok. The songs were great, but the crowd just didn’t seem into it. Also, J Mascis doesn’t talk to the audience at all. It was like the crowd didn’t need to be there. I should’ve stayed longer at The Evens. At least I would’ve been able to meet Ian.