Cachuma Lake

We spent the weekend camping out at Cachuma Lake, just outside of Santa Barbara. Both of us have camped here many times as a kids. It’s still a pretty fun place to camp. Maybe not as rustic as I’d like, but it’s a comfortable place to come back. Many good memories of riding my bike all over this place as a kid.

Boon and Daisy


Friday night we lost our dog Daisy in her sleep. While it was very unexpected, we did have a great time with her Friday. We camped with Serbrina’s parents, her brother and his wife. There were four dogs between us. It was great to see them all playing together, even for a short while.

Saturday was pretty somber, as we had to deal with Daisy’s passing. Once that was handled we spent the morning in Solvang. Walking around the town I couldn’t help but think of Daisy with every dog that passed by. We brought Boon with us to Solvang and he got pretty spoiled all day. I think I hugged and kissed that dog more that morning than I had all week. We don’t have kids, so the dogs are a huge part of our family. Don’t take them for granted.

Looking back I didn’t take enough pictures. Or maybe I did. Maybe I just feel like I could’ve taken more. More of Daisy. More of the dogs playing together. I guess there may never have been enough. Maybe it was better not worrying about pictures and just spending time with them.



I did manage to get some pedalin’ and hikin’ in. Good time to focus on something else I suppose. Even squeezed in some prac with the map and compass. In the end it was a fun trip. I think we are going to go back next year, around the same time. I think Daisy would like that.